Month: October 2023

Posturing: Mentored Podcast Ep. 02

Posturing: Mentored Podcast Ep. 02

In this episode of “The Mentored Podcast,” co-hosts Carson Pue and Martin Sanders engage in a captivating conversation about the topic of posturing by leaders. This thought-provoking discussion delves deep into the issue of leaders who project false personas and the impact it has on organizations and individuals.

Carson Pue, renowned mentor and coach, along with Martin Sanders, an esteemed expert in mentoring, share their insights and experiences in the world of leadership. Through personal storytelling and heartfelt metaphors, they explore the importance of authenticity and the negative consequences of leaders who prioritize appearances over genuine connection.

This episode is filled with warmth, intelligence, wit, and a lighthearted tone that the podcast is known for. Carson and Martin’s conversational style and positive outlook create an engaging atmosphere for listeners. Their shared wisdom and genuine reflections make this episode both insightful and relatable.

By shedding light on the issue of posturing, Carson Pue and Martin Sanders offer valuable lessons for leaders and aspiring leaders alike. Their approach combines a serious consideration of faith with a healthy dose of humour, highlighting the significance of being authentic while not taking oneself too seriously.

Listeners can expect to gain a fresh perspective on leadership and learn how to cultivate genuine connections within their own professional and personal lives. Tune in to this episode of “The Mentored Podcast” to join Carson Pue and Martin Sanders in this enlightening conversation about posturing by leaders.

Self Awareness: Mentored Podcast Ep. 01

Self Awareness: Mentored Podcast Ep. 01

Enjoy this thought-provoking conversation between Carson Pue and Martin Sanders, two remarkable voices in the world of leadership and mentoring. They are delving into the importance of self-awareness—a quality they believe is absolutely crucial for effective leadership.

You see, when leaders are self-aware, they can understand their role better, empathize with others, and as a result, achieve better team results. It’s like having a mirror that not only reflects who you are but also how you impact those around you. Pretty powerful, right?

But here’s the kicker—Pue and Sanders pointed out that despite its importance, many leaders seem to lack this essential trait. It’s like trying to navigate a ship without a compass—you might get somewhere, but it probably won’t be where you intended to go.

So, what’s the takeaway here? If you’re in a leadership position (or aspire to be), take time to develop your self-awareness. Reflect on your actions, ask for feedback, and be open to growth. Because ultimately, understanding yourself is the first step to understanding others—and that’s what makes a leader truly great.

Isn’t it fascinating how a little introspection can lead to such profound change? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this!