Ep. 00 Meet Carson and Martin: Mentored Podcast

Ep. 00 Meet Carson and Martin: Mentored Podcast

Welcome to “The Mentored Podcast” with Carson Pue and Martin Sanders.

We are excited to share with you the wisdom we have gained throughout our combined 60 years of mentoring experience. We believe that mentoring is the most potent and powerful way of transforming leaders.

In this podcast, we explore the ins and outs of mentoring and share stories from our own experience to help mentor-leaders like you gain insights and skills to take on important challenges. Martin and Carson will post a new episode every two weeks.

Join our community of like-minded individuals interested in leadership, organizational development, and mentoring. Our podcast is packed with exclusive tools and resources that are only available to our followers. If you have any questions about mentoring, feel free to reach out to us. Who knows? Your suggestion may even be featured in a new episode.

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