Ep. 11 Dealing with Change: Mentored Podcast

Ep. 11 Dealing with Change: Mentored Podcast

In this pivotal episode of The Mentored Podcast, titled “Dealing with Change,” Dr. Carson Pue, your seasoned guide, and the late Martin Sanders unpack the essence of leadership in times of change.

We uncover how change presents diverse challenges and opportunities to each individual and explore the unique paths leaders must tread through unfamiliar terrain. With Pue and Sander’s sage advice and profound insights, listeners will grasp the nuances of leading steadfastly when guarantees are scarce and faith becomes your compass.

Discover how to become a visionary capable of ushering in meaningful progress and how the role of an interim pastor or temporary leader can set the stage for lasting transformation in any organization.

Experience the excitement of approaching change as a harbinger of joyβ€””It will be fun again when…”β€”and learn what it truly means to be a change agent. This episode illustrates not just how to endure change, but to drive it, mold it, and grow with it.

Listen closely as Martin Sanders shares stirring narratives of renewal within churches, offering a real-word testament to the principles discussed. Dr. Pue goes deeper, shedding light on how mentors can assist in navigating perceived threats to reveal the hidden rewards of change. πŸ—£οΈπŸ’‘

“Ask yourself, what else is possible?” Join Carson and Martin as they help you listen to your inner dialogue, identify growth impediments, and surmount them with grace and confidence.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation that equips leaders not only to endure but thrive in the midst of change. Tune into Episode 11 of The Mentored Podcast, and step forward into a world of endless possibilities. This is your opportunity to harvest wisdom from leaders who have walked the path and can help you “see around corners.”

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